Hitman 2014 tipped for reveal in May, demo at E3

Chris Burns - May 19, 2014
Hitman 2014 tipped for reveal in May, demo at E3

Earlier this year it was suggested by IO Interactive that they’d be delivering a new Hitman game – likely within the year. This is a new “AAA Hitman game for PC and next-gen consoles,” not the game “Hitman GO” released for mobile devices. It’s been tipped by an anonymous “insider” that this new game will be revealed – at least in part – by the end of May.

Details shared earlier this year will have Agent 47 returning in full form. “At the prime of his career,” is what the creators of the Hitman series suggest, “you will experience a globetrotting Agent 47.”

This game will bring back features from games like Contracts and Blood Money, mixing it all up in an ideal next-gen title that’ll use the Glacier 2 engine for for its skeleton. We’ve got an unconfirmed tip that E3 2014 will be a prime location for gameplay preview of this title.

UPDATE: We now have confirmation from Travis@IO – a developer at IO Interactive – that “there’ll be a blog post going up before the end of this month.” This blog post will have “new info” about the game suggested to be coming this year.

UPDATE 2: IO-Interactive have confirmed that the game will NOT be shown at E3 2014. For now you’ll have to live with a single piece of concept art, as shown here.

This game will have a non-linear level design – open sandbox action without checkpoints to make for unique moments in every player’s experience. As mentioned earlier this year, this game will get rid of the “magic pockets” delivered in the previous title, this making the whole experience a lot more “realistic,” as it were.


You can expect the @IOInteractive Twitter account to go live sooner than later as well. They’ve not tweeted since April 17th when Square Enix Montreal launched Hitman Go.

Also note that Hitman Absolution has already been announced (and released) for Mac – as of the 15th of this month – so this is not that. And the Android version of Hitman GO is not the same as a “AAA Hitman game for PC” as mentioned above – so it’s not that either. We’re pumped about what it COULD be and plan on bringing it to you the moment we know!

VIA: HitmanForum

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