Hipster Glasses Video Record Like a Spy in HD

Perhaps you're so into your everyday life that you'd like to record it all? Now you can, you ol' fashion conscious geek hipster nerd. These particular glasses have a fat gray rim all around, probably you could get a prescription lens in there if you'd like, and right in the middle is a HD 1280 x 960 resolution camera that records at 30 frames per second. Not too shabby! All video then goes straight to a MicroSD card slot where you'll be putting in anything up to 8GB.

You can also take still images at the same resolution and the batteries in these love goggles provide what they say is two to three hours on a single charge (which is done via USB.) But wait – there's more. One thing that's really amazingly backward about these sweet rims is a blinking LED light indicator. What in the world? Might as well just use a camera so large you can't carry it if you're going to be blinking green from your face. Cripes! Still I want a pair. They're not branded though really, so I'm a teensy bit skeptical about their overall quality.

[Via Gizmodiva]