High-tech Microsoft desk has little space for executive toys

With all the talk of multi-touch and gesture sensitive work surfaces lately, you'd think it was Apple leading the way in innovation.  But a glance back through the archives (okay, only back to 2006 but it's enough) shows a rather interesting Microsoft concept from their oddly-named "Center for Information Work".  Called DigiDesk, it's a two-pane workstation made up of touch-sensitive screens that allow you to flick about documents, manipulate evolving and mutating controls and generally lark about as if you're an ensign on the Starship Enterprise.

Check out the video of the desk in action after the cut...

Of course, we'll never actually see this sharing store-space with Microsoft's latest Natural Keyboard and matching Intellimouse, but if ever there was a project for the capable DIYer then this is it.

Microsoft Center for Information Work [via istartedsomething]