Hideo Kojima's Death Stranding release date, gameplay trailer deluge

Hideo Kojima's returned to the realm of next-generation gaming – as if he'd ever really left. He's no longer working with Konami, and will probably make no more Metal Gear Solid. Now he's fully immersed in the realm of Death Stranding, a game that's been in development with Kojima Productions (his own production studio) for at least three years.

The feature trailer released today features the metal band Apocalyptica. They gained prominence by playing cello covers of Metallica songs, and continued to roll with their own metal cello songs for decades. They formed in Helsinki, Finland in the year 1993.

Before you open this video, beware – there's a... human... tube... sort of situation going on right out the gate. You might find it very beautiful, or you might lose your lunch. Either way – good luck!

This game will include actor Norman Reedus "who plays the protagonist Sam Bridges" as well as actor Matts Mikkelsen, Rea Sedhu, Lindsay Wagner, "and other world-renowned actors" which we'll learn about soon.

Below you'll see the next-latest Death Stranding teaser trailer as revealed at E3 2018 just under a year ago. This trailer is just the latest in a line of teasers for the game, a game that's been in production since 2016.

The official release date for this game is Friday, November 8, 2019. Reservations for the game begin today – that's pretty much the same as pre-orders. That'll be for each of the several versions of the game: "DEATH STRANDING" (Death Stranding), "DEATH STRANDING Special Edition", "DEATH STRANDING Collector's Edition", and "DEATH STRANDING Digital Deluxe Edition." Absurd, isn't it?

Also look at the following thing because it is terrifying and amazing. It'll probably be on your desk later this year, depending on the version of the game you purchase.

The next tweet shows how you'll get more special toys and feature items than you can handle when you purchase the most expensive version of the game. What better way to immerse yourself in the art?

According to Kojima Productions, "Pre-order Bonus (DL) or Early Purchase Bonus (Disc) for any edition: Nendoroid Ludends Avatar & DS PS4 Dynamic Theme. In-game items: "Sam" Sunglasses (Gold/Color Variant), Hat (Gold/Color Variant), Speed Skeleton (Gold), Armor Plate (Gold)." If you want to buy me a late birthday present, or an early holiday present, by all means – this is a pretty good idea.

Above you'll see a set of newly updated images "updated to coincide with the trailer" released today. All the stuff at once!