Here’s when the Fallout 76 beta will go live next

Eric Abent - Oct 25, 2018, 11:27am CDT
Here’s when the Fallout 76 beta will go live next

Bethesda is taking a rather interesting approach to its Fallout 76 beta. Instead of keeping the beta up 24/7 during its duration and letting players access it whenever they want, it’s instead only sending the beta live for a few hours at a time. These periods of beta uptime aren’t even happening every day, so players need to be on the lookout for start and end times if they really want to spend some time with the game.

Bethesda kicked off the Fallout 76 beta with a four hour session on Xbox One on Tuesday, and now it has revealed when the next sessions will take place. You’ll be waiting until the weekend before you can dive back into Fallout 76, but the good news is that it’ll be live for a little while on both Saturday and Sunday.

According to Bethesda Game Studios on Twitter, the next Fallout 76 beta session will begin on Saturday, October 27 at 5 PM ET, wrapping up a mere two hours later at 7 PM ET. The next day, Sunday, October 28, the beta will go live once more from 12 PM ET to 2 PM ET.

The fact that beta will only be live for two hours on Saturday and Sunday means you’ll definitely want to set aside that window if you’re looking to play. Shortly before the beta got underway, Bethesda said that it chose to host it like this because it really wants to stress test the servers, and sending the beta live for just a short time a few days a week is the best way to ensure that as many people as possible are playing.

Keep in mind that these times are only for the Xbox One version of the beta, as the PS4 and PC betas won’t launch until October 30. That’ll probably be the date of the next session, and in its tweet, Bethesda says that it’ll have more sessions featuring extended hours soon. We’ll keep an ear to the ground for more, so stay tuned.

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