Here's how Street Fighter V quitters are being punished by Capcom

Last week I told you about how the recently released Street Fighter V was having a problem with "rage quitters," or players quitting matches early when they're losing and frustrated, instead of being a good sport and seeing it to the end. Developer Capcom asked players to help gather evidence of these quitters in action, and now they've come back with details on how these people are being punished.

The main motivation behind quitting a match early is for players to maintain their win streaks and League Points. Street Fighter V shipped with no penalty to these metrics if a player quits, in turn allowing them to escape a lowered score or ranking.

Capcom said in a blog post that it is now monitoring player data to identify those with very high disconnect rates and in turn deal out punishments. In the last week the developer says around 30 people were busted, so some of their League Points were taken away as a warning. Going forward, there will be weekly sweeps of the data to find quitters, who will then see all of their League Points reset.

So, starting now, Street Fighter V players have a chance to quit their poor behavior and any serious loss of progress. But if you're also someone who suffers from an unstable internet connection from time to time, or has been legitimately disconnected from the game once in a while, Capcom says not to worry, as the players they've identified often have disconnect rates between 80% and 90%. In other words, their play patterns are far outside the norm when compared to the majority.

The developer also thanked everyone who sent in screenshots and video clips as evidence of quitters in action, but notes that the system they have now — which is a temporary solution, they admit — doesn't require players to keep submitting proof. Those abusing the system will automatically be caught and punished during the weekly sweep.