HERE Auto brings Nokia's connected car vision to life

Nokia has announced a new embedded in-dash navigation system for automobiles called HERE Auto. Along with the in-dash navigation system itself, Nokia has also trotted out the HERE Auto Companion app billing them both as the latest additions to its world-class location products and services. Nokia believes that a connected car requires more than simply putting a smartphone inside of vehicle.

The HERE Auto system and its companion application allow drivers and passengers to experience what Nokia calls a complete location experience to assist passengers constantly. The service allows users to plan their journey using or their smartphone. While driving, the service offers embedded voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation supporting 95 different countries.

The navigation service for HERE Auto also offers traffic rerouting and fuel pricing. As drivers reach their destination using HERE Auto, the service will provide street-level images, parking availability, and indoor maps. That means the system doesn't stop helping you navigate where you want to go after you park expanding directions all the way inside the destination building.

Nokia says Here Auto is built using maps that are used inside 4/5 cars featuring in-dash navigation. The navigation offers different views depending on the situation including a bird's eye view when you're driving on the highway, a more zoomed in view when you're driving in the city, and the street-level images when you're near your destination.

The service works off-line and can be used reliably in areas with weak or no mobile network coverage. When web connectivity is present the system automatically updates its maps. Aokia provides OS-independent RESTful APIs allowing automakers to offer control over integrated in car experiences such as tying in music and social networking. More details on the system will be offered at the Frankfurt Motor Show on September 10. There is no word on specific car models that will feature the HERE Auto system at this time. Check out our exclusive look at the HERE for more details.