Helping Hand doles out the meds

Chris Davies - Sep 12, 2006

So Vincent gets to go to CTIA in beautiful LA, and I get to… um… yeah.  Sit here and trawl the aggregator!  Now this one might look like it’s from the Slashdong feed, but in fact it’s a collaboration between Bang & Olufsen Medical and AstraZeneca AB – called the Helping Hand, it stores medication and, via visual indicators, reminds patients to take a regular dose.

Scalable and adaptable for different pharmacology regimes, the Helping Hand concept also has Bluetooth to allow ongoing two-way communication between it and the prescribing doctor.  Alternatives include a wireless transponder or, for situations where radio frequencies need to be minimised, a USB option.

So far it’s just for big pharmaceutical companies running managed trials, not for public sale.

Helping Hand [via Core77]

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