Hello World

The eagle-eyed might have spotted my name underneath a couple of posts already, but Vincent has asked me to do a proper bio so here we go. I've been plucked from casual blogging over at Dante's Handcart to be adopted by the happy Aradius family, initially as an Editor at SlashGear.com and eventually dragging the Handcart with me to join the network.

As the only UK member of the team I'll be complaining about inflated import prices, gloating about our far superior cellphone networks and generally highlighting the best that the grand tech buffet has to offer. My particular interests are Tablet PCs, cellphones and home automation, though I'll readily stab the pointy fork of cynicism into anything current whether it be gadget, news story or otherwise.

Tips to the usual address, please; hate mail to chris [at] aradius.com