Hello Kitty Crock Pot-sign of the apocalypse?

I'm pretty sure the world is going to end with a bunch of Hello Kitty robots taking over the world. With all the other things they have, how could you possibly doubt our impending doom? I'm not sure that is a fate I can deal with. I doubt this particular product will end in death, unless they make a giant one and slow cook you with their creepy Hello Kitty Crock Pot.

I no longer fear the Michael Jackson robot with laser beams; it's Hello Kitty that terrifies me. The issue is that no one just passively likes Hello Kitty; no, you either hate it or are obsessed. Just be on the look out for any Hello Kitty religious groups that pop up, that will be the sure sign that you should say your goodbyes.

Personally, I think all Hello Kitty gadgets should be replaced with more sophisticated brands such as Ninja Turtles, Spider Man, or even South Park.

Gourmet cooking with Hello Kitty [via Crave]