Heckler Design OneLessDesk Version Two: Half-The-Price, Same Design

Heckler Design have announced a cheaper version of their original OneLessDesk design, with a powdercoated steel body meaning it costs half that of the first model.  Consisting of two arcs, which nest together, the OneLessDesk design is intended to take advantage of today's super-slim flatscreen monitors, iMac-style all-in-one computers, and tendency for people to rely on laptops rather than traditional desktop PCs.

The top section is broad and strong enough to handle two 24-inch flatscreen displays, while the smaller piece has a 12 x 30 inch work-surface at what's apparently an ergonomically-correct height (though you might need to tweak your chair height depending on how tall you are).  Laser cut holes and notches serve double duty as cable management and places for Kensington locks to hook into.

The new OneLessDesk is available now, in silver/grey and gloss-white, priced at $649.  As for the original, in stainless steel, that will continue to be available for a period as a limited edition, priced at $1,199.