Hearthstone Monster Hunt released, but wait! Wallpapers first!

Congratulations, Hearthstone gamers, the rest of your week and weekend are about to be swallowed up. Monster Hunt Mode is out for Hearthstone right this minute, and there's little you can do about it. Before you dunk your face directly into the stew, take a peek at what we've gathered up for your devices for your journey. We've got a gallery of assets! Precious graphic assets for your mobile devices!

Here today we've got a whole bunch of graphics from the Monster Hunt, straight out of Witchwood. This update to the game is a single-player adventure, so you can bet it'll be engrossing. No help from your precious best friends here, partner. Now's the season of the Witchwood – not quite the Witch, but the deep, dark, woods in which the witch lives.

In this adventure in Hearthstone, users are asked to choose from one of four Heroes. That includes Tracker, Cannoneer, Houndmaster, and Time-Tinker. We've got the whole bunch in the gallery right here. These images – as well as a bunch of others from Monster Hunt – are ready here for your wallpaper needs. If you're all about decorating your device with Hearthstone, by all means go for it.

You'll be allowed to choose one of these four Monster Hunters, then another, then another:

• TRACKER – Rogue, Tess Greymane. Hero Power: Scavenge.

• CANNONEER – Warrior, Darius Crowley. Hero Power: Fire.

• HOUNDMASTER – Hunter, Houndmaster Shaw. Hero Power: Dog Whistle.

• TIME TINKER – Mage, Toki, Time Tinker. Hero Power: Temporal Loop.

Hearthstone: Witchwood: Monster Hunter gallery

Make sure you're tapping the full sized image download rather than the thumbnail. Wouldn't want some teeny tiny version of the biggest, baddest monster in the game right this minute. That's Hatatha the Witch, and that's someone you don't want to mess with. Not until you've beaten the rest of the bad guys in this adventure – not one moment before!