Hearthstone card changes: Balance on December 19

This week Hearthstone is getting a few balance changes to cards that've become a bit too powerful for their own good. Some of these cards are new, but some are surprisingly old. Like Saronite Chain Gang, which now only copies Saronite Chain Game specifically – instead of whatever creature is copying the abilities of this creature. Other changes are slightly more obvious.

The weapon-altering spell Leeching Poison only works for a single turn instead of forever, and it'll cost just one mana instead of two. That'll teach those Kingsbane users what's what. Rogue was never meant to be able to heal so persistently, after all. One turn of a massive drain should be PLENTY without giving the Rogue a nigh-unbeatable combo.

The Saronite Chain Gang switch is to the way the card functions – specifically with the monster known as Shudderwock. With Shudderwock and Saronite Chain Gang, the user would be able to make multiple Shudderwocks, playing the Shudderwock turn after turn. Now, not quite so much.

Level Up! is no longer the board-killer it was – or at least it won't likely pop up in the Odd Paladin deck. With Odd Paladin and that certain double-troops ability, Level Up! was far too monstrous. Now, the slowness will count for a lot.

Nourish and Wild Growth are now up one mana, each. "Wild Growth and Nourish have been present in every mid-range, combo, and control Druid deck since their introduction in the Basic and Classic set." When that happens, it means the cards are so powerful, they feel "mandatory." As such, they've been given a kick up a mana – they're still good, but not "I can't not" level good.

Expect these changes to take effect by the end of the day today, if they've not already taken effect right this minute. Don't jump in with a Shudderwock deck expecting to blast for all eternity any more!