Heartbleed test extension keeps hacker bug at bay

Supposing you're aware of the Heartbleed bug – which has been patched in many locations around the web already – you know that it's a massive deal in the internet security universe. It's left massive portions of the web open for hacking for two whole years, and it's only being patched by most of the web this week. As luck would have it, there's something you can do on your end this week as well to keep safe as an average web user.

With the Chromebleed extension for Google's Chrome web browser, you'll be able to roll out with near-instant checks of every site you're on. If the site is vulnerable to Heartbleed, you'll get a Chrome notification.

NOTE: This extension has been known to create some false positives. If you NEED to test every site you go to, simply use Valsorda's tool on each site, one by one.

Chromebleed uses a tool created by Filippo Valsorda at Filippo.io/Heartbleed to check each site. For those of you on the web host end of this equation, Valsorda has also provided a list of servers that are pinging sites. If you see these servers listed at Filippo pop up in your records, do not fear – they aren't ravaging your site.

Heartbleed is an issue you can read all about in our massive guide: Heartbleed bug: how to avoid this massive web hack. You'll be glad to know that SlashGear's servers are patched and have been patched for a long time – no worries!