Heart Shaped Torture

Want a loving way to tell someone to get off their lazy bum and get out of bed? Create a horrifyingly loud alarm clock, but make it so its heart shaped. I'm sure that will make it all better. I know this alarm clock looks cute, but it is in fact evil. They don't call it the Sonic Boom Love Clock for nothing. It has an adjustable volume alarm that goes up to 113 decibels; a jackhammer is only 100 decibels. Now let's just pretend that you can somehow sleep through that, it also has a bed shaker to slip in between the mattresses.

I'm pretty sure that if I had to deal with this alarm clock in order to have a love life, I would just stay single thanks. Having said that, I am so buying one of these for my brother. Hey, I do actually have a justifiable reason to do that, he would set two alarm clocks and still not wake up; and yes his wife does hate him. If you were looking for an easy out with your current significant other, buy them one of these for $40. Although I do advise changing your phone number before they use it and consider moving out of the state.

Sonic Boom Alarm Clock-The Love Version [via Gadgetizer]