Headphone jack axe wont send iPhone 7 users to Android

Apple's next iPhone might not have a headphone jack, and it would appear that you're not excited about that. Not excited about that one bit. We've run a couple of polls on the subject this afternoon on Twitter, coming away with results that suggest two things. The first thing we've found is that those of you that have smartphones overwhelmingly find use for the headphone jacks therein, at least some of the time, but for many of you, using that jack is more than just a "not often" sort of situation.

What we've found in this admittedly extremely brief poll is that iPhone users – even those that use their device's headphone jacks now – will still likely purchase another iPhone in the future without a headphone jack. That is, again, if Apple actually makes such a device.

Above you'll see our poll on iPhone users who use their device's headphone jack and are deciding between purchasing an iPhone without a jack in the future or an Android device with a jack.

Below you'll see our poll showing all smartphone users and their user or non-use of said device's headphone jack.

What's this tell us, at least amongst SlashGear readers that follow us on Twitter? It tells us that iPhone users don't care whether or not they have a headphone jack.

It suggests that iPhone users do not care if Apple is seen as user-hostile and stupid, nor do they care whether this move is like Apple moving away from the floppy disk drive.

Apple users certainly don't care whether or not getting rid of the headphone jack is "great for Apple."

They don't care.

When it's time to buy a new phone, they'll buy another iPhone. If they absolutely need a headphone jack, they'll probably find a way to adjust to the new device with a converter jack – more than likely made en-masse by 3rd-party accessory manufacturers who'll find a way to make this transition as easy for the user and profitable for their company as possible.

NOTE: Of course our poll does not account for those votes that've come from people that've answered regardless of the fact that they do not own an iPhone, nor the people who've just voted because they like to vote in polls.

NOTE 2: These polls remain open over the next 24 hours – we'll see if the results change dramatically overnight.