HDI Dune BD Prime: media streamer & Blu-ray deck in one

Chris Davies - Dec 30, 2008
HDI Dune BD Prime: media streamer & Blu-ray deck in one

If you’re looking for a dual multimedia player and Blu-ray deck, your options are pretty limited; however HDI will happily sell you their Dune BD Prime.  Available in four variations, each with different connectivity, the HDI Dune BD Prime has HDMI 1.3, optical and coaxial digital and 7.1 analogue audio outputs together with composite, component and S-Video video outputs; it also has three USB 2.0 ports to connect external hard-drives containing video and audio files.


The basic model “makes do” with that, but three alternative versions are on offer: they offer WiFi draft-n, gigabit ethernet and dual eSATA ports respectively.  That gives you more options for media streaming – for instance from networked computers or NAS drives – and faster connectivity for external local storage.

Based on Sigma Designs’ 8634 SoC, the Dune BD Prime has 384 MB of RAM, 64 MB flash and 1GB of NAND flash memory to play nicely with Java and Profile 2.0 discs.  It’s compatible with dozens of media formats, including standard and high-definition streaming video; there’s a full review here [pdf link].  Availability seems limited to Europe at present, where the HDI Dune BD Prime retails from 449 Euros ($640).


[via EngadgetHD]

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