HBO ready for Internet-based television future

Internet-based television has been thrust back into the spotlight following a deal earlier this week between Disney and Dish Network, and subsequent revelations by DirecTV and Verizon about their own related talks. Amongst it all has been the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom conference, during which HBO's CEO Richard Plepler discussed a broadband-only distribution future.

According to the network's CEO, HBO will be ready for a broadband-only distribution future, or a nearer one where Internet-based television services augment traditional cable. Said Plepler, the network has been working with distributors in deals that will make sure it is ready for the changing industry.

That's not to say the network is planning to upheave its current business model, which the CEO said is doing well for the company. With hits shows, among them being Game of Thrones, the network has seen widespread success as of late. He touched on the company's expansion ideas and efforts, and particularly noted the possibilities international growth presents.

Still, Internet-based television is a prospect that is fast growing, and though its efforts are narrowed on its current business model, the network is being forward-thinking about where the industry is shifting. Said Plepler, "We will not be caught without the ability to pivot should we decide that pivoting is the right thing to do."

SOURCE: Variety