HBO Max released to Amazon Fire TV and tablets

This week Warner Media announced they'd be bringing HBO Max to a whole bunch of Amazon devices. Included in the mix are not only Amazon Fire tablets, but Amazon Fire TV streaming devices and Fire TV Edition smart TVs, too. This expansion to Amazon devices should be a massive win for HBO and the HBO Max brand as the world launches into the holiday gift-giving season 2020.

Alexa will soon deliver HBO Max content to the Amazon masses. Per Amazon, "tens of millions of Amazon customers in the US enjoy their streaming entertainment on these devices" – Fire TV, that is. Amazon suggested this morning that "Fire TV is the #1 streaming media family in the US."

There may be a bit of confusion for those Amazon device users expecting to gain access to HBO Max for free. That's not the situation. There's a line in the press release this morning that may be a bit misleading: "Customers who have a HBO subscription through Prime Video Channels will also have access to HBO Max for no additional cost by logging into the streaming service with their Amazon credentials."

The "no additional cost" bit only means that using HBO Max is now available to those users who already subscribe to HBO. If you do not already have an HBO subscription, you will still need to pay to access HBO Max.

Users who have Amazon Fire TV devices will soon have access to the HBO Max app. Starting on Tuesday, November 17, HBO Max will be available by saying "Alexa, find HBO Max." You'll need a Fire TV Alexa Voice Remote or a paired Amazon Echo device with Alexa inside.

Take a peek at the timeline below for more updates to Amazon devices launched over the last week. Amazon continues to expand at an extraordinary rate – and it's not about to stop now that we're just a few weeks away from the holiday season 2020!