Haxor hacks AirPlay to run on XBMC Linux rig

We have seen plenty of hacks for AirPlay that extend the service and allow it to operate on things that Apple never really intended. Last month AirPlay was hacked to run on all iDevices for sending video. Earlier this month there was another hack that allows Macs to support AirPlay Streaming from iOS devices using AirPlayer.TUAW reports today that another hack has surfaced for AirPlay and this time it takes streaming outside of the Apple world and crams it inside an XMBC Linux machine. The machine running AirPlay in the video below is an Ubuntu Linux machine. TUAW also reports that several people have said they are working on a port for Windows rigs too.

I wonder how Steve Jobs feels about that. On the Linux machine, the content can be played directly from the integrated iOS video menus on the XBMC application that uses Bonjour.