Hasselblad unveils H4X camera body for trade-ins

Hasselblad has announced a new medium-format camera body called the H4X following its release of a series of H4D cameras in recent years. The H4D-40 camera unveiled early last year offered a whopping 40-megapixel CCD sensor, but it also came with a huge price tag just shy of $20,000. For those Hasselblad fans that already own previous generations of H1, H2, and H2F bodies, they can now upgrade to the H4X instead at a relatively more affordable price by trading in their existing gear.

The H1, H2, and H2F bodies were introduced between 2002 and 2007 and since then Hasselblad has come out with the H4D integrated camera system. To encourage users to upgrade, Hasselblad is making the H4X available only through a trade-in program. The H4X camera will work with most digital and film backs as well as third-party lenses. It will also sport the new features introduced with H3D and H4D, such as the True Focus technology.

The H4X is built on the H4D camera body, but features a DRIVE button instead of the ISO/WB button. Those trading in their H1, H2, or H2F camera bodies will be able to purchase the H4X starting at around €3,995 ($5650). Once they purchase the H4X, they also get a special offer to get the €3,995 credited to them if they upgrade to the H4D system within 12 months of purchasing the H4X.

[via BJP]