Hasselblad H4D-40 digital camera has 40MP Resolution

If you are using a digital camera with 14 or even 16MP resolution, you may be feeling pretty smug knowing you have a cam with lots of megapixels. If you are the sort that likes having things with the most and biggest this or that, Hasselblad has unveiled a new medium format camera that is going to give you serious megapixel envy.

The new camera is called the HD4-40 and the beast packs in a 40MP CCD sensor that is almost twice as large as a full-frame 35mmm DSLR sensor. Along with the huge 40MP resolution, the camera also gets a True Focus AF system like the one used in the HD4-50 camera.

The camera has a price tag that is staggering at $19,995. Yeah, you read that right $20K for a camera certainly puts this thing in the realm of pro users with serious money. For your $20K you get the camera body, viewfinder, and 80mm lens. The kit is available for shipping now.