Hasselblad H3D-II puts 39-megapixel photography into your (rich) hands

With a scalloped rim guaranteed to make all the ladies say "cheese!" the latest in Hasselblad's range of so-bloody-good-you-sob digital-SLR cameras, the H3D-II, turns the hotness dial all the way up to 39... megapixels, that is.  It's all handled by a whopping 48 x 36mm CCD (there are 31 and 22-megapixel versions if you don't mind not being King of the Shutterbugs), an in-house developed auto-focus, heatsink-cooled CCD and rejigged RAW image processor.


It's not all sensible, worthy photography guff, though; Hasselblad have seen fit to add a GPS receiver to the body, automatically geo-tagging each shot taken and allowing you to plot them on Google Earth.  Of course, you may be too busy admiring the new 3-inch display, reworked menu system and generally tweaking the new anti-moiré processing that can even be retroactively applied to shots taken on earlier Hasselblad models.

None of this comes cheap, of course, with the meek 22-megapixel version costing $24,816 while the big daddy 39-megapixel monster comes in at $36,739.  Go on, treat yourself.  You're worth it.

Hasselblad [via Crave]