Hashtag Gloves, the first Tweeting clothing

You might need your iPhone or an Android smartphone to make them work with Bluetooth, but these Hashtag Gloves remain the most mobile, strangest way to Tweet in the world today. Connected to the web direct through a PC for now, and with Bluetooth wirelessly in the future, Hashtag Gloves have been invented Mount Holyoke College – they're real, and they're coming your way soon. All you need to do is make the hashtag hand gesture and speak, and you'll have a Tweet with ease.

The idea for these gloves came from Jimmy Fallon, of course. His string of #hashtag skits with various celebrities spawn the idea that putting a real-life hashtag in front of anything made it a new way to say what you need to say, in as hip a way as there is currently to say it.

Now imagine this same situation, but with gloves.

Imagine the future of Tweeting.

Here you'll see the Hashtag Gloves rolling at the HackHolyoke 24 Hour Hackathon. NOTE: This team came from Olin College.

Next you'll see a presentation from the team as filmed by MassLive. Super simple, and note that the tweet "little boy on a deer it's cold outside" likely came before the team realized they had a faulty microphone on their setup.

You can follow along with the @HashtagGlove account now to see a collection of test-tweets as they arrive straight from the gloves. Or in some cases typed out – if there's a link, it's more likely that the gloves were using a keyboard.

Stay tuned as we see how long it takes for these gloves to make it to market. At least in novelty shops.

Thanks for the tip, Jack!