Hasbro Android Robot Toys get I/O video playtime

Our new favorite monkey robot, Kibot, may be stuck in Korea, but Hasbro has wider ambitions for its Nexus S powered Robot Toys. On show at Google I/O this week, the Android-bots are basically self-powered motorized cradles into which the Samsung smartphone docks, hooking up via Bluetooth. You can then hold races and use object recognition, just as in the video after the cut.

While it would be easy to slap some wheels onto a dock and call it a day, Hasbro has gone further than that. Each robot has feet rather than wheels, and they use object-recognition via the Nexus S' front-facing camera, as well as other sensors in the phone, to react to their environment. Shots are sent to Google's cloud servers where they're processed in real-time; the robot then knows whether to get curious or to run (slowly) away.

Shake them and, thanks to the accelerometer, they get dizzy; rub the touchscreen and they'll cheer up. Right now they're just prototypes, but we're guessing Hasbro is at least considering a commercial launch. More details in the video below.

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[via Android Community]