Harvard explains why women don't stick with tech careers

Women progressing in the technology field is often a hot topic. Mainly because study after study says that women are not interested in technology, much less want to work in a field involving it. For those of us that do enjoy technology, that are female, those studies tend to annoy the piss out of us.

Frankly because we're jumping up and down waving our arms trying to get someone, anyone to notice that tech savvy girls do exist. Well this recent study from Harvard Business Review has made an attempt to understand why women aren't staying in technology fields, even when they have the brains to pull it off. They found that many women dealt with men who thought they just weren't capable of doing their job due to their sex.

It turns out 63% of women in science, engineering as well as technology have experienced sexual harassment. Working from home, I don't run into that as much as many women that are in the technology fields. However, any women that have been gaming for any long period of time know that harassment has a way of making its way into your home. It is a little ridiculous that its bad enough to get that high of a percentage and it tends to make guys in the technology field look bad, even the ones that would never act in a discriminating manner.

[via boingboing]