Harmonix files, then retracts suit against Activision over Guitar Hero royalties

Activision really isn't having a good week. They've now got a lawsuit in their laps from Gibson (which sounds like a load of crap) and now Harmonix is starting trouble with them. Apparently Activision still owes the former developer royalties to the tune of around $14.5 million for their work in the Guitar Hero series.

According tot the lawsuit, Activision agreed to pay Harmonix one of two set amounts for royalties. The higher of the two was to be paid if any further Guitar Hero title "incorporates, uses, or is derived from Harmonix property." Harmonix claims that despite the fact that their work was used in later titles, they were paid the lesser of two sums.

The lawsuit was filed on Monday and withdrawn on Tuesday. Activision and Harmonix have agreed to settle this one out of court. Hopefully this one doesn't turn out nasty.

[via MaxConsole]