Gibson files suit against Activision for patent infringement in Guitar Hero

Since Guitar Hero made its debut back in 2005 (has it really been that long?) we've been rocking out with various Gibson controllers. I never really cared for the the X-plorer, but that's not the point here. Apparently Gibson has just realized that the Guitar Hero game infringe on one of their patents.

Based on our preliminary analysis, the 'Guitar Hero' software (including any expansion packs) and the guitar controller provided by Activision being used as a musical instrument (packaged with the software or sold standalone) are covered by the ... patent," Gibson's law firm said in its January 7 letter. Gibson requests that Activision obtain a license under Gibson's ... patent or halt sales of any version of the 'Guitar Hero' game software.

Am I the only one that sees how incredibly ridiculous this is? I'm a huge fan of Gibson's guitars, but I think they're nuts. They've had a licensing deal for their products to be in the game since 2005, and they just now realized that the game infringes on a patent that they own, which describes "a method for simulating a live performance using a musical instrument, a 3D headset with stereo speakers, and a pre-recorded concert." Really, you just now noticed that? Come on guys.

[via Game|Life]