Harddrive with a Trackpad Concept

So we've got a concept here, and it's branded LaCie, but that's almost certainly just added in post-production by the designer André Silva. This is what he calls LaCie Float, a harddrive whose bulk not only appears to float above the ground because of its slightly smaller glass base, but has a strange feature on top of that, too. The entire top panel of this HDD (there's an SSD version too) is a trackpad. You know what that means?

It means that this machine (though not all the details are worked out, obviously), take some of what otherwise seem to be crucial components out of the picture: all you need now is a monitor or screen of some sort and a way to attach it to the hard drive. From there, the harddrive could (with some modifications turning it into what'd be closer to what's considered a computer) become a whole new all-in-one sort of machine.

Remember that this is a conceptual design and isn't meant to be a complete idea yet. This is where great things are born, especially when the idea precedes the technology or the means of creating the project. Love it.

[Via Yanko Design]