Hard-drive distribution gets easier

I must confess, I've never had need to reproduce my hard-drive twelve times in one sitting but I'm glad to see that, should the desire to do just that overtake me, there's a company out there who'll happily sell me the necessary gubbins to do it.  Kanguru's Clone 12HD is a plinth of memory replication, compatible with IDE and Serial ATA drives, and requires no connection to a computer to work its magic.

A comprehensive LCD display and in-built diagnostic tools means you're unlikely to end up with a dozen paperweights at the end of the process, and with transfer speeds of up to 2GB a minute your 100gb drive could be recreated in under an hour.

It's not cheap, though: $5,000 for this 12-drive version, while a 4-drive model comes in at half that.

Kanguru [via PClaunches]