Hard-drive cooler boasts slats'n'pipes but no cold hard stats

Taking your nice, normal hard-drive, clamping on like the face hugger out of Alien, and leaving the whole thing looking like the sole of some hellish "sports shoe", Ultra Products' heatpipe-flaunting drive cooler will have to be pretty successful if it wants to live up to its appearance. Thing is, while the manufacturers are happy to namecheck the sintered powder heatpipes, aluminium heatsink fins and vibration-dampening rubber seating, they're oddly shy when it comes to quoting performance: i.e. just how much cooler your system will run thanks to this electric blue clamp.

Perhaps I'm being unduly cynical – after all, passive cooling of this sort is common in PCs that need to reduce either the number of their electricity gobbling fans or the amount of noise they put out – but if I'm spending $42.99, going to the trouble of cracking open my computer and then, inevitably, sacrificing bay space (since drive plus caddy aren't small) I want to have a pretty good idea that it's going to do some good.

The ULT40010 is available now, and has a three-year warranty.

ULT40010 Aluminium Hard-Drive Cooler [Ultra Products]