Happy Year of the Dragon from SlashGear

It's the first of the Chinese New Year today, ladies and gentlemen, and we're glad here at SlashGear to wish you a happy and extra lucky Year of the Dragon from all of our places of work and play across the earth! The Year of the Dragon, for those of you that do not know, is more than just a year of great luck for those born in it, it's a time when new children are granted a life of innovation, passion, confidence, and fearlessness. We're hoping the goodness pours over into the tech world in a period that's being heralded as an innovation-less time in history.

What we've got for you to celebrate with is nothing less than the everyday barrage of good tidings from the gadget world, everything being good as we continue our journey past the singular person and into the cloud-connected singularity of our one society. In that each person reading the post you're in now is almost certainly reading it from a different device entirely from the next person reading it, you can bet we're in the everyone connected future already. Because of this, we hope that the supernatural nature of the Dragon will guide us on a positive path through the year so that what we've got doesn't turn into what we wish we'd never produced.

So happy new year, all of you around the world, but especially those of you deep in the world of Feng Shui and the predicting of the future inside this year of what we hope will be positive moves on the parts of citizens and leaders alike. As a treat, we look to the International Business Times quoted Celebrity astrologer Peter So who, when asked in this new year what the USA presidential campaign would hold said,

"Sometimes luck depends on the country itself, rather than an individual president. For the U.S., they are starting to have luck on their side again, so it is going to be a good year no matter who's elected." – So

Good tidings!