Happy Hour Watch may be best gift ever for booze hounds

I have been running across a bunch of strange and cool watches recently. The coolest, and most expensive, has to be the 4N watch that I ran across this week with mechanical operation and limited to only 16 pieces. A new watch today isn't expensive and isn't handmade. The thing is called the Happy Hour Watch.

If you like to drink adult beverages that need a bottle opener this is the watch for you. The face of the watch has a digital display for time, the day, and an analog display that has normal hands and operation with red markings for 5p.m., also known as happy hour.

The buckle on the band of the watch is the unique bit here. It is designed to allow you to open a bottle without hunting for a bottle opener or using your teeth. The watch is available now for $49.95 on sale with the normal price being $69.95.