Happy Holidays from SlashGear

Today and tomorrow you'll hear just a little bit less from the team here at SlashGear than you normally would because we're out having a fabulous time celebrating Christmas (or something like it) at each of our various family abodes. What you will find is a couple of guides on what to do with your gifts, specifically if they come from the Apple or Android families, and some surprise posts as well. We're hoping you find this holiday set of days as relaxing as we are, taking a break from everything, including news about the ever-expanding future of gadgetry.

That said, the questions keep on coming: did you get anything neat you'd like to share for Christmas? Did you spend this national holiday outside of the home, or did you spend it tinkering with your Android device to make that perfect kernel for the New Year? Will you be celebrating the new year with an iPhone in hand, or at the keys of a brand new Windows machine? What will you make of this next week?

And what do you look most forward to for the upcoming year in technology and gadgets? This year certainly seemed to be short when it came to reporting the news, did you get everything you expected from the manufacturers that create the toys we work with on the daily? Or is it all about what you've got already? What was your favorite device of the year?

We'll have our own answers to all of these questions in the coming week – meanwhile feel free to answer them one-by-one right here in this post!