Happy Holidays from Blizzard Entertainment

Chris Burns - Dec 22, 2010
Happy Holidays from Blizzard Entertainment

Oh it’s nearly holiday time, or whatever you wanna say, and Blizzard Entertainment is definitely attaching itself to the Christmas with three heartily fancy cards that you can send to your friends, enemies, and Facebook. There’s one for World of Warcraft, there’s one for Starcraft II, and there’s one for – YES – Diablo III. You’ll find plenty of Santa inside, guns and death as well, and one gigantic barbarian that seems more intent on murdering you than giving you a positive present.

Take a peek at all three cards in their tinier state in the gallery below or head over to Blizzard to take a peek at slightly larger versions. That barbarian is totally absurd. I mean, look at all those extra horns and whatnot sticking up everywhere – he’d totally stab himself in the eye! And look! He’s crushing all the presents! All hell shall break loose upon the day of that Santas arrival.

[Via Blizzard Entertainment]

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