Hanwha HM-TL7T touchscreen sub-display packs HDMI

Secondary sub-monitors designed to give your IM window, Twitter client or Photoshop toolbars somewhere to live aren't new, but the Hanwha HM-TL7T distinguishes itself not so much by virtue of its touchscreen but by its connectivity.  Rather than hooking up via USB, the 7-inch HM-TL75 has both HDMI and VGA connectors as you'd find on a regular monitor.

Otherwise you're looking at a pretty regular display, running at 800 x 480 WVGA resolution and coming with a panning, swivelling mount.  Our guess is that this might be a better match to lower-powered nettops, who might find the strain of running DisplayLink virtual video card drivers saps CPU cycles that could be better put to use elsewhere.  Unfortunately there's no sign of pricing for the display, nor word on whether it might ever be available outside of Japan.

[via Akihabara]