Hands-on with Verizon Galaxy Nexus Camera and Movie Studio

Inside the Galaxy Nexus you'll find Google's newest mobile OS: Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, and with it in combination with the advanced lens setup on this devices' 5-megapixel camera, you'll find a set of abilities that no Android has had before. This plus the Movie Studio app introduced first for Android 3.0 Honeycomb, you've now got the ability to make the video you're about to see, filmed and produced with the Galaxy Nexus controlled by none other than your humble narrator. You'll see facial recognition gone wild and a set of effects that, though basic, make for a video editing environment thats perfectly powerful for a smartphone.

There are three different parts of this hands-on video, the first showing off the quality of the video camera on its most powerful settings. Inside a house moving back and forth between close and far shots, switching from light reflecting to light projecting (via an HDTV,) and in and out the window. At the end of this segment you'll see our two stars that'll return throughout the video: Millie the cat and Susi the dog. You'll be launched next into three still-camera effects that reside in the camera on the Galaxy Nexus, each of them not quite captured perfectly by my waving hand, but whose effects you can see here in a real-life situation:

After that, you'll get to see my beautiful mug in a set of several facial-recognition-based situations, one each for head squishing, nose enlarging, and the like. Once you see my Tim and Eric tiny mouth situation happen, you'll know that the last portion of the video is soon to begin. This last bit is a rather choppy set of transitions and effects each added in post in the Movie Studio app. The same is true of the titles you see throughout the video. Again, all of this was captured and edited on the device itself and uploaded directly to YouTube at 1080p.

Stay tuned here to SlashGear for a full review of the Galaxy Nexus from Verizon this week, and be sure to ask all your questions in advance!