Hand Sanitizer recalled because it looks like snack food for kids

The folks at Ashtel Studios made a design mistake. They saw an opportunity to make hand sanitizer fun for kids, but they took an unfortunate approach. It became clear some time after packaging and distribution began, this year, that Ashtel Studios hand sanitizer looked a little too much like "a food and drink pouch" for kids.

Imagine designing a package so delightful that your intended audience wants to eat or drink whatever's inside. Now imagine that the packaging you've created will be used for a product that's poisonous for humans.

In this article you'll see images of the hand sanitizer packaging that's been recalled. This includes the 0.84 FL. OZ (25 mL) size hand sanitizer product from Ashtel Studios, and no other hand sanitizer products from said company.

The collection includes several branded Smart Care hand sanitizer packages with licensed brands like Illumination's Minions, DreamWorks' Trolls, Mattel's Barbie, Mattel's Hot Wheels, Nickelodeon's Jojo Siwa DREAMER, and Spin Masters' Paw Patrol.

As it true of all hand sanitizer, this hand sanitizer was made for topical use – on human hands. If hand sanitizer is swallowed, it can result in alcohol toxicity, which the FDA reminds can have a range of symptoms. "Lack of coordination, slowed or slurred speech, drowsiness to coma, which can be fatal. Furthermore, ingesting alcohol can affect the brain and cause impaired driving or operating heavy machinery."

NOTE: Heavy Machinery doesn't just include forklifts and bulldozers. It includes any sort of mechanical vehicle or tool that you wouldn't want to operate while you are, for example, falling asleep, or in a coma. Also, again, there's a decent chance you will die if you ingest enough hand sanitizer, which is why the friendly snack-sized packaging for the hand sanitizer shown above is recalled right this minute.