Hammerhead Uses LED Light Array For Bicycle Navigation

A project has turned up on Dragon Innovation called Hammerhead. The project is for a bicycle navigation device that provides visual cues to help you get around while riding a bicycle. That means you don't have to wear headphones or earbuds to be able to listen to spoken navigation directions.

Hammerhead features a universal handlebar mount and be mounted on the stem as well. It has LED lights on left in right side the glow to show you which direction to turn. The navigation device is designed to work with apps such as Strava and MapMyRide.

Hammerhead is also designed to help riders compete with others and improve their capability. The device will show the rider start, end, and goal speed for each moment in a particular riding segment. The device can also tell you how far off from those old speeds you might be. The device is shockproof and waterproof with the latest Bluetooth low energy technology integrated.

Hammerhead features an internal compass and a red dot pursuit to guide users when off-road in the wilderness. The Hammerhead is designed to work with Android or iOS smartphones and when using the app the developers promise your device will last for at least five hours. The Hammerhead device itself lasts for up to 20 hours per charge and charges via an integrated micro USB port. A pledge of $70 will get you a Hammerhead during the Dragon Innovation run.

SOURCE: Dragon Innovation