Hammacher Schlemmer bring the ice-cream van home

When I was a small child, no bigger than the thumb of a reasonably-large-thumbed sailor, I wanted desperately to drive an ice-cream van.  In my imagination, I would live in this van – I would bed down among the waffle cones, rest my head on a light pillow of soft ice-cream, and every morning wake myself with a shot of raspberry syrup and some sprinkle chasers.  Of course, dreams don't come true in this harsh old world of ours, and my innocent desires were replaced with more lascivious ones about dual-core processors and unlimited mobile data plans.  Now, in a terribly altruistic move (aside from the $129.95 price tag) Hammacher Schlemmer have offered me a home ice-cream machine of my very own.  Yes, I'll have to supply my own van and tinkly music machine, but to know that in 20 minutes I could have 1 1/2 quarts of fresh, soft ice-cream goodness, together with a choice of three toppings (such as nuts, chocolate chips, sprinkles, ground glass or cookie crumbles) from automatic hoppers, well, it brings a happy little smile to my otherwise jaded lips.The Automatic Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker [Hammacher Schlemmer]