Halo: Spartan Strike releasing cross-platform

The next Halo title will be a spiritual successor to Halo: Spartan Assault, but this time it'll be coming with a single release schedule. In this case, it means you'll be able to purchase it once, on one platform, and you'll own it on the rest. You'll be able to save the same in one location and pick up in another. This game will be released on Windows 8, Windows Phone, and through Steam (still on Windows) this December – very soon, that is.

This game will be called Halo: Spartan Strike, and it'll be working with controls and gameplay extremely similar to Spartan Assault. That's a birds-eye-view twin-stick sort of expedience. One joystick controls the direction you're traveling, the other joystick controls the direction you're aiming your weapons.

This game will take place during Halo 2, and will include a variety of weapons and vehicles not available in the previous game in this series. A new Kestrel VTOL will be available for driving as well as the fabulous warthog.

NOTE: The images above and below come from Spartan Assault – they'll look VERY similar to Spartan Strike once images have been revealed.

This game will require the most basic of PC setups and just 512MB of RAM for Windows Phone 8 smartphones. Best of all, it'll cost just $5.99 USD. Xbox Live achievements are included if you've purchased the game through Windows Phone / Microsoft Store, while the Steam version includes Steam achievements.

This game has been developed by Vanguard Games, the same team that brought you Halo: Spartan Assault. They're working with 343 Studios for distribution.