Halo Master Chief Collection detailed for release this Fall

Chris Burns - Jun 9, 2014
Halo Master Chief Collection detailed for release this Fall

Microsoft has started off E3 2014 with a bang with Halo: Master Chief Collection, readying the world for Halo 5. This title will include all previous Halo games and will being on Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, and Halo 4, each of them with higher-definition graphics and gameplay than ever before.

Halo 2 will be coming with an HD version – 1080p and 60fps along with each of the other titles. This game will be included in its entirety alongside each of the other Halos in a single disk for Xbox One, all released as a single package this autumn. This single disk will be released for $59.99 USD.

This game disk will have more content than any other Xbox One title with over 100 maps and massive amounts of gameplay situations. Each of the games will be released in two modes – original and HD, and will be sent out on their original gaming engines.


Halo Master Chief Collection is also set to include a demo of Halo 5. This will be the one and only place the Halo 5 demo is delivered to the Xbox One. This Beta for Halo 5: Guardians will run from December 27th, 2014 through January 17th, 2015.

The “Halo Nightfall” video story will be included in Halo Master Chief Collection to lead up to Halo 5 as well. We’ll see soon enough if any other Halo 5 action is destined for PC before its final release.

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