Halo Infinite trailer reveals campaign gameplay with mucho Master Chief

Today during an Xbox Series X event, Microsoft revealed a batch of gameplay Halo Infinite. This first major trailer for Halo Infinite, specifically for "Official Campaign Gameplay" shows an expanded universe, larger than any one Halo game ever released before. Here, we begin on the 28th of May, 2560, or "167 days after we lost."

Halo Infinite drops you into a warzone – as well it should. You've crash landed after being shot down by anti-aircraft cannons. You'll need to leave the crash ship immediately, and take on the landscape crawling with Banished.

"I know I saw Condors over there," said Echo 216's pilot. "I'm going to dig through them and find one with a working Slipspace drive, and when you're done with this war, we get away from here."

And with that, Master Chief is off! You'll fly across the planet in vehicles, jump in and out of heavy artillary with the greatest of ease, and use a variety of weapons and accessories to accomplish your mission. In this campaign, you'll find a message from the enemy, dropping your goal in the process.

"Your people are broken. Scattered, hunted, defeated, by me. I wish I could tell you it was difficult. But it wasn't. We are one step ahead, always. The Ring is already under our control. Soon, the Auditorium as well. The Harbinger and the Banished share the same goal. We fight together to honor the will of Atriox!

Behold the gameplay, and prepare yourself for the rest of the massive titles revealed this week by Microsoft. Xbox Series X is going to be a big beast of a console, and Microsoft's bringing their biggest titles out to play for launch – stick around!