Halo 4 release promises next-level multiplayer action

This week we're getting deeper than ever into the start of the next big shooter game series with Halo 4, tipped here as having multiplayer action like none that have come before it. For those of you new to the Halo series, you should know that the number "4" at the end of this title does not mean that it's the fourth in the series – even though it technically is. You'll certainly be moving forward in game mechanics as well as graphics prowess, but the timeline is all different – but Master Chief is back!

Halo 4 will be bringing no less than an infusion of the best bits of both multiplayer and single-player into the multiplayer gameplay portion of the whole game environment. What you'll be working with here is "Infinity Multiplayer", or at least that's what its called for now. This new mode of play will have Halo lovers working with cooperative "Spartan Ops" as well as "War Games", two different ways to play, both of them kill-heavy. Spartan Ops has been tipped to lift a lot from the game Call of Duty's Spec Ops missions. War Games on the other hand will have Deathmatch and Capture the Flag mode like all good multiplayer shooters should.

The Limited Edition of this game will have the same options for gameplay that the standard edition does, but will be including several more single-player maps for you to interact with. At $99.99 upon its release, we're certainly hoping it's more than just maps that we'll be getting – that and some physical items such as a USNC Briefing Packet, some armor schematics, and a bluetooth of the Infinity. UPDATE: Also included in the Limited Edition pack will be such lovely bits and pieces like armor and weapon skins, Avatar unlockables, and a 90-minute video feature Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn. This feature will have you gaining an understanding of the storyline like only a hardcore character would want!

Have a listen in on some Sountrack samples while you wait for the big day!

Stay tuned as we continue to hunt down and deliver all the Halo 4 details you can handle, right up until – and beyond – the big launch!

[via Complex]