Half-Life on Android-powered LG G Watch? This modder made it happen

You can play Doom just about anywhere these days, from ATM machines, to graphing calculators, to even inside Doom itself. That means it's gotten boring. We need to spice up this whole FPS game on random devices/appliances thing, and it's time we went with a more modern classic, like Half-Life. Modder Dave Bennett already has the right idea, getting the Valve-made shooter to run on an Android-powered LG G Watch.

Upon first glance, this is much more impressive than seeing Doom on Android Wear, as Half-Life was built with demanding 3D graphics. Like all of these mods, the excitement tends to dip a little when you realize instead of getting to play with a mouse and keyboard like on the PC, you're stuck with touchscreen controls on a 1.65-inch wrist-based display.

To be clear, the full Half-Life game isn't really playable on the Android smartwatch (yet), as Bennett's mod is more about demonstrating how he got the open-source emulator SDLash3D to run on the first generation G Watch. As he notes in the video above, it's difficult to use the controls on the small screen, and the frame rate varies widely from 30fps to 2fps, plus there are the occasional crashes.

Even worse, however, is that the G Watch's UI interprets swipes to the left as commands to go back to the previous screen. If you're still interested in frustrating yourself with this, Bennett offers the details of how he did it with a blog post.

SOURCE Dave Bennett/YouTube