Half-Life Gravity Gun replica going on sale in spring 2013

We've already been treated with Portal gun replicas, which are definitely amazing to say the least, but now it's time for some Half-Life goodies, and it turns out that the same toy company behind the Portal gun, Neca Online, is making Gravity Gun replicas as well. These will be 1:1 scale replicas and are said to release sometime in the spring of 2013.

The Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator (ZPEFM), most commonly known as the Gravity Gun, was first introduced in Half-Life 2 and was designed primarily for the handling of hazardous materials and heavy lifting. It was most-notably featured in Gordon Freeman's trademark arsenal, who was the main protagonist in the Half-Life series.

The replicas will soon be available for everyday use or decorating shelf space, and on top of being 1:1 scale, the gun will also light up and produce sound effects, making it a faithful real-life replica of one of Half-Life 2's most iconic weapons that will look in anyone's geek collection.

Neca Online says that units will be limited, but not as limited as Portal gun replicas were, however. The company will also be displaying the Gravity Gun replica at the New York Toy Fair in February. The one pictured above isn't the final product, so expect some changes to occur when it finally comes around for pre-orders.