Haier LCD can print out screenshots

Before the days of the internet, people watching cookery programmes on TV would have to develop very speedy writing hands in order to copy down a recipe from the screen before it disappeared.  It was the difference between a delicious roasted duck breast with plum coulis and an unpleasant, flat cake that tastes like dung.  What they really could have done with is some way to take a screenshot, printing it out for later and leaving them free to concentrate on hoping the chef scalds himself.  Well, several years too late, Haier are planning to release a TV that, among HDMI and USB, has a "printer port".

The L47A18 has dual HDMI, two integrated USB ports, a built in card reader that will take a variety of memory card types and makes showing jpegs and playing mp3s and DiVX encoded films easy and that afore-mentioned printer port.  There's no details as to what this is, exactly, and since it's mentioned separately from the USB socketry then I'd assume it's either parallel or some sort of proprietary format.

It's 1080p high-definition, and is likely to cost around $2,742 although a release date is unknown.

Haier [via Gear Live]