Hackers redeem themselves with their own blood

As far as odd news goes, this ranks pretty high up there. The Chinese are allowing those hacking gamers a chance to redeem themselves, but they want blood. Recently 120,000 players were banned for attempting to hack the game, tsk tsk. They can get their accounts reactivated by donating 1 pint of blood, and ordinary players can get free accounts by donating.

These would seem to be drastic measures to get blood donations until you hear the rest of the story. Apparently in recent years the Chinese hospitals have had a few incidents where thousands of donors and recipients have contracted HIV. Miliyo created the event in an attempt to "create a civilized society, and enhance online gamers' appreciation of social responsibility and public welfare." Which to me translates into, "We're desperate and we know how desperate gamers can be to get back into their favorite game." Moliyo apparently operates several games in China, a couple are Cabal, and Tales of the Pirates.

I personally have donated blood several times here in the States, but there is not a chance I would donate blood there. I like my body HIV free thanks, and as far as I know the States have had a pretty good record about that sort of thing...at least since the 80's. Although I am a little jealous all I've ever gotten from donating is a pin and a lousy t-shirt that is 4 sizes too big.

Wanted-Gamers Blood [via techie diva]