Hacker attack arrest pins Spamhaus incident on Dutchman

This week an arrest was made in Spain of a man suspected of taking part in a major hacker attack that earlier this year attacked the organization known as Spamhaus. The Spamhaus Project attack was reported as one that would have an epic scale, said by the spam group themselves to have slowed the internet due to support by many high-ranking assistant webpages. It was later contested as a smaller attack than suggested by Spamhaus, but the results remain: arrests are being made.

The arrest made this week was made in response to the DDoS attack made in March and took place in Barcelona based on a warrant that covered what appears to be the entirety or Europe. The capture of the man who is at the moment remaining anonymous is a 35-year-old Dutchman and is expected to be transfered to the Netherlands relatively soon.

The attack in March has since been claimed by several companies that'd been previously flagged by Spamhaus in association with spam or otherwise unfriendly hacking activities. According to a source speaking with PC World, the arrest has been made on the top spokesperson for the group said to be responsible for the attacks, the Stophaus Movement, created to protest Spamhaus' authority in Europe. At the time, this spokesperson said that his involvement in the project was non-existent, suggesting Stophaus members from China and Russia were to blame.

Have a peek at the timeline below for more information on the attacks from earlier this year ans stay tuned to SlashGear as we follow the fallout through the future. And make sure you're safe from all the spam and the hacks as well – they're nothing to mess with.