Gym Pokemon GO update tipped with a Fighting Type event

In addition to news of Custom Pokestops popping up for users around the Pokemon GO universe, word of a new Fighting Type event has surfaced. The first bit of information comes from Niantic right up out in the open. According to the Niantic Help Twitter account, there can be little doubt that a submission system for Pokestops is in the mix for the near future. We promise not to try to make the rock pile behind our house a Pokestop – fingers crossed!

Next is a bit of behind-the-scenes news from the underground. This week's most enticing rumor comes from a source that's been rather accurate in the past – but whom also wishes to remain anonymous whilst providing information on the subject at hand. The knowledge this week is that Niantic is hard at work on their next big event, one that might very well be tied to the long-awaited Gym Overhaul we've heard so little about!

As the most appropriate association with the gym is boxing – and boxing is a good friend of the Fighting Type Pokemon – the event tipped for the Gym Overhaul has to do with the Fighting Type crew. There's a limited number of Pokemon currently in Pokemon GO that have the Fighting Type in their main readout – those are as follows.

Fighting Type Pokemon in Pokemon GO:

— Heracross

— Poliwrath

• Machoke

• Machoke

• Machamp

— Tyrogue

— Hitmonlee

— Hitmonchan

— Hitmontop

• Mankey

• Primeape

Of the Pokemon listed above, only a few won't likely be made part of a Fighting Type event when the time comes in Pokemon GO. Machop, Machoke, and Machamp are the obvious keys to the most basic expression of the Fighting Type Pokemon – they'll most likely be the stars of the event, coming out more common than they've ever been made available before.

Mankey might be part of this crew – and Primeape as a result. What'll be odd here – and with events moving forward – is that quite a few Pokemon have more than one type. As such, Niantic must choose whether they appear more common at one event or another – or if each type results in that Pokemon becoming more common more than once.

Pokiwrath might be a part of this crew, too – but for the fact that both of the lower tiers – and the alternate incarnation of this evolution – aren't Fighting Type Pokemon. That didn't stop the Fire Type-only Slugma from appearing more common in this week's Adventure Week event, which is otherwise associated with Rock Type Pokemon. That happened because Madcargo (Slugma's evolved form) has Fire Type as well as Rock Type in its genes.

Heracross probably won't be making an appearance as a more common type during this Fighting Type event. Only because Heracross is one of a select few Pokemon that are entirely region-specific. If this wasn't true, we'd have piles of Corsola (a Rock Type in addition to Water Type) during this week's Rock Event.

This event might very well make Tyrogue more common in 2km Pokemon Eggs – that'd solve the problem of making otherwise Uncommon or Rare Hitmon-sorts of Pokemon more available to the masses. Each of the three, Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Hitmontop evolve from Tyrogue, who in turn only comes from a Pokemon Egg. The whole bunch are made for fighting in the ring – like true wrastlin' Pokemon are.

If we were betting on it, we'd suggest that the Gym Overhaul could come as early as next week. If we wanted longer odds and wanted to make heck-of-cash on a bet, we'd put money on this week's event's end turning into a Memorial Day event bash the likes of which have never been seen before! Any day off of work and school, for Pokemon GO, is a day to be taken advantage of! Have a peek at our Pokemon GO Twitter portal for more information about what it feels like to capture a Caterpie for the first time. It's so weird!